September, 2013

EP Press and Victor Johnson are proud to announce the release of his new book:

Eight Points of Light

This book chronicles the lives of eight people that changed the sport of fly fishing forever and yet remain largely unknown.

"...filled with delightful bits of information on nearly every page..."

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Eight Points of Light chronicles the lives of eight people that changed fly fishing and never got the credit they deserved for their efforts.

Doctor Todd Larson said the following about the book:

“The eight figures covered are Theo Bakelaar, Art Nuemann, Tom Whiting, Jim Green, Hal Janssen, Myron Gregory, Dick Posey, and Pudge Kleinkauf. Between them, they span the breadth of post-World War II fly fishing, covering such subjects as bead heads, advanced fishing techniques, tournament casting, and yes, fiberglass fly rods. Without digging in to the individual chapters (each is like its own separate gem filled with delightful bits of information on nearly every page), I will say this is a book anyone interested in fly fishing will want to own. In addition to the book, there is an optional DVD that contains audio and/or video on each of the eight people."

Copies of the book are now available at EP Press for $20 and $7.50 for the DVD. Shipping and handling and CA tax (if applicable) are additional depending on where a person wants delivery.




Fishermen simply did not wade prior to the Civil War. One 1828 fishing writer stated “fishing and drinking are the devil’s decoys” and warned of the adverse health impacts from wading. America’s Fishing Waders follows the development of waders through the history of Hodgman Rubber Company (Hodgman). Hodgman was founded in 1838 and has been a consistent provider of fishing waders for over 120 years.

Key elements of the new book include:

  • The development and history of different types of waders (i.e., rubber, plastic, nylon, neoprene and breathable),
  • A foreword and other information from Ron Foster—owner of Hodgman from 1979 to 2005,
  • An analysis of current and expected future developments in waders,
  • 131 pages,
  • 150 photos and/or graphics (most of which are historic in nature),
  • Cost: $21.95. US citizens add $4 for shipping and handling. CA residents add an additional $1.65 for State tax.
This book will be of interest to any fisherman who has waded or plans to wade in the pursuit of their favorite sport fish. It also will be of interest to all fishermen wanting to better understand the history of their sport.




This book is the first complete historical analysis of this famous rod making firm. It is 180 pages in length and contains 185 historical photos and images.

The first half of the book examines the history of Fenwick during its seven phases of ownership from 1955-1988. There is also an in depth account of the events and technology associated with the development of the first graphite rod.

Fenwick made several million rods during the period studied in this book. The second half of the book examines these rods and rod types. The analysis is done chronologically by rod type including:

  • Fly rods,
  • Freshwater water rods-bass, spinning and specialty rods,
  • Steelhead, salmon and light ocean rods,
  • Saltwater rods.
The second half of the book also contains chapters on:
  • Custom rods and blanks,
  • How to tell the age of a Fenwick rod,
  • Price Guide for Fenwick rods.
This book is an interesting and important resource for Fenwick rod owners, classic tackle collectors and people interested in the history of fishing rod development.

ISBN #0-9740531-0-4

This book is the first book of its type to chronicle the evolution of the modern fly line from its horsehair and silk beginnings.  It has detailed profiles of over 40 of the major firms selling fly lines in America from 1816 to date.  It also explains the technology advances in fly line technology over the same period.  This book is a valuable resource for anyone purchasing a new fly line as well as classic tackle collectors.  It contains a price guide for antique and vintage fly lines.  All fishermen will find the book interesting to read.  This book is 8 x 11" with 166 pages; illustrated with over 260 graphics of fly lines and other historical information.

Leon Chandler (1992 Angler of the Year--Fly Rod and Reel magazine) has written a Foreword to the book and a chapter on taking care of your fly lines.  He said the following about the book “ None of us will ever know the hours, days, weeks, and years that Victor Johnson, Jr. spent doing research for this book.  We, and all future generations of fly anglers, all owe him a debt of gratitude.  This is a book that needed to be written." 

Cost:  $21.95 plus shipping and handling


ISBN #1-882418-24-7


Editorial Review (From

Book Description
By Victor R. Johnson & Victor R. Johnson, Jr. Foreword by Leon Chandler of Cortland.

This in-depth book, by a father and son writing team, has been well researched and documented, and presents the first historical perspective of the people and companies involved in the dynamic Post-war transition of the American fishing rod from the days of bamboo rods into the modern era of synthetics: fiberglass and graphite. A valuable resource for classic tackle collectors and interesting reading for all fishermen. 8 x 11" with 176 pages; illustrated with old b&w photos, reproductions of old magazine ads and catalog pages. 

Cost:  $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

Johnson’s 2015 Price Guide for Fiberglass Fly Rods


A resource for helping to determine the value of a fiberglass fly rod -- from antique to new. This Price Guide contains actual sales information for over 350 rods from over 65 rod makers.

For each listed rod, have either: 1) evaluated the actual rod, 2) evaluated photographs of the actual rod or 3) had communication from the owner of the actual rod in order to provide a consistent rating of the condition of the rod.

Cost: $6.50 plus $1.00 for shipping and handling.

*An additional $0.50 will be charged to California residents for sales tax.


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