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Engineering Pathways was formed and structured primarily to meet two US and international client needs. The first is to provide cost effective environmental engineering solutions that work.  The second is to provide extremely responsive client service.  We believe that the fast pace of modern business mandates that technical solutions must be provided on time, on budget and must work the first time.  Similarly, technical service providers need to understand and accept that client service is equally as important as technical excellence.


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Fiberglass Fly Rods Price Guide

Johnson's 2015 Price Guide for Fiberglass Fly Rods
By: Victor Johnson

America's Fly Lines
By: Victor Johnson

Fiberglass Fly Rods
By: Victor Johnson, Sr.
& Victor Johnson, Jr.

By: Victor Johnson


The challenge is how to provide these two essential services on a consistent basis.  Engineering Pathways believes that the best pathway to meet this challenge is to employ only experienced professional and support staff that truly care about providing service and then provide them with modern analytical and communication systems.  For our international assignments, we normally utilize experienced bilingual/bicultural personnel as another way to assure technical solutions that work in country.

We accept that our focused approach means that we will not always be at the "cutting edge" of technology.  We choose to provide our clients with proven technical solutions and let others accept the risk/rewards of being early users of potential new "cutting edge" solutions.

Your review of our web site is a rapid pathway for you to determine whether we can be a key component in helping solve your challenges.  Additional credentials and references can also quickly be provided, if you desire them.







         America's                            Eight Points
    Fishing Waders                            of Light
  By: Victor Johnson            By: Victor Johnson



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